What is Insurance Law?

Insurance law is the practice of law surrounding an insurance policy and claims. Insurance policy refers to the contract that states the insurance company’s payment obligations in case of a loss. “The Insurance claims” are requests for coverage when a loss occurs. Before considering an insurance claim, it is helpful to understand insurance first. Insurance is a contract in which a person called the insured pays money to the insurance company. The money the insured pays to the insurance company under an insurance policy is called a premium. In exchange for the premium, the insurer agrees to reimburse the insured for certain types of losses within the coverage they paid for. 

In general, only government-certified insurance agents or insurance representatives are allowed to sell insurance. The insurance contract must meet four conditions to be legally valid. Such As;

  • It must be for a legal purpose. 
  • The parties must have the legal capacity to sign a contract.
  • There must be evidence of the insurance contract signing process.
  • There must be payment of consideration.

Sudbury Insurance Lawyer

How an Insurance Lawyer adds value to your Insurance or claim disputes?

An insurance lawyer representing an insured or policyholder has to see that the insurance contract is legally valid. Primarily the practice of insurance lawyers representing policyholders concerns private insurance. The most common private insurance types are automobile insurance, home insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, title insurance, directors and officers insurance, and liability insurance. Insurance lawyers representing policyholders help their clients evaluate and enforce their right to compensation under the policy and determine the amount claimed after examining the loss’s severity.

Insurance Attorneys negotiate with the other party’s attorney, adjuster, or insurance company and thoroughly check the policy’s content to turn odds in favor of their clients. Paperwork, investigation, gathering evidence and witnesses are some of the tools an insurance lawyer uses when hired for claim settlement.



An intelligent insurance lawyer always thoroughly examines the insurance policy and makes sure the contract contains essential information about the insurance, such as; 

The Policy Amount, 

The Claim Coverage Amount(sum assured),

The Insurance Period, 

and various other underlined terms and conditions. 


There are various circumstances when you require an insurance lawyer’s assistance, and it’s usually after you have endured a severe loss. So the lawyer must be sensible and empathetic to your situation and make his best efforts to build your case. 

How a Sudbury Insurance Lawyer can benefit you?

If you live close to Andover or Sudbury, Massachusetts and need a professional Insurance Lawyer in Andover or Sudbury, MA, please call Denn Law Group immediately. Denn Law Group’s locations are convenient to Andover, MA, Sudbury, MA, and the surrounding locales.  Denn Law Group is experienced in Insurance settlement cases. Andover and Sudbury insurance lawyer Mr. Edward Denn has been very successful in insurance recovery and would be pleased to assist you in making your insurance claim


Read more about Inrurance Regulatory Laws from Wikipedia here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurance_regulatory_law

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