Attorney Denn’s practice is most focused on the litigation and trial of high-stakes civil matters.  Through years of experience in a host of state and federal courts, he possesses broad legal knowledge and proficiency in every aspect of litigation, including: investigation, pleading, discovery, deposition, experts, research, writing, motions, hearings, negotiation, mediation, trial, and appeal.  He is a zealous advocate for his clients and has achieved exceptional results, including $5m, $10m, and $16m recoveries.   Representative engagements include:


  • Represented builders, developers and buyers in an array disputes over architecture, contracts, designs, deadlines, materials, payments, permits, specifications and workmanship.


  • Represented wide variety of local, national, and multi-national businesses in consumer, contract, payment, and performance disputes.


  • Represented white male employee in groundbreaking prosecution of a reverse discrimination claim against his employer, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Represented 50-year-old male in the prosecution of an age discrimination claim against his former employer, a multi-million-dollar multi-national manufacturing company.


  • Represented employees and employers in disputes over violation of federal and state acts requiring payment of weekly wages, prevailing wages, and overtime compensation.
  • Represented former employees sued under non-compete and non-disclosure clauses in employment contracts.


  • Represented clients in the collection of first and third-party insurance benefits under a variety of policies, including auto, disability, general, homeowners, and life.

Intellectual Property and Technology

  • Represented custom developer of software as a service (SaaS) products in defense and prosecution of actions involving contract, copyright, licensing, theft of trade secret, federal Wire Tap Act and other issues.


  • Represented commercial landlords and tenants of offices, warehouses, industrial buildings and shopping malls in damage, deposit, lease and other disputes.

Personal Injury

  • Represented estate of drowning victim in wrongful death action against multi-million-dollar multi-national owners and operators of an obstacle course race.
  • Represented plaintiffs in medical malpractice actions involving obstetrical and surgical errors.
  • Represented plaintiffs in numerous and varied auto and pedestrian accident cases.

Product Liability

  • Represented an overhead lineman in negligence and product liability actions against multi-billion-dollar multi-national corporate users, servicers, manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment which caused him burns and loss of limbs.
  • Represented estate of carbon monoxide poisoning victim in wrongful death action against manufacturers, distributors, installers, and operators of a defective boiler and valve.
  • Represented dry goods distributors in dozens of product liability actions brought by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and copycat individual plaintiffs seeking damages for smoking-related illnesses.

Real Estate

  • Represented buyers and sellers in numerous disputes over breach, contract, enforcement, inducement, interpretation, misrepresentation, permits and zoning in connection with commercial and residential purchase and sale agreements.